Manna Production
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Manna Production is a small Teir One I-502 farm hidden in the Cascades of Wenatchee Washington. We strive to grow the very best indoor, premium, hand trimmed marijuana. We focus primarily on 3-5 strains at a time to ensure the crops top quality. Here on our site, you can learn more of our individual strains and even purchase apparel of your favorite Manna Production line.
Most Popular Flowers
Some of our girls
  1. NYPD
  2. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman
  3. Tangerine Dream
    Tangerine Dream
  4. Tangerine Dream
    Tangerine Dream
  5. NYPD
  6. Venus Flytrap
    Venus Flytrap
  7. Tangerine Dream
    Tangerine Dream
  8. Venus Flytrap
    Venus Flytrap
  9. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman
Behind the Scenes
Some photos of our drying process and of our vegitation room.
  Nana Pam

The Boss

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